Schmidt Csaba Tatabánya polgármestere

Open up our door!

Experienced hikers know, that they can overcome a measurelessly long track, if they divide it into smaller and surmountable stages. Sometimes we have to look at the far distance, but at other times we do better, if we only focus on the next uphill, or on the next upcoming tourist sign, because we will only see the next attainable station from there, anyway.

Leading a city is a similar challenge. It is a long and never-ending struggle, in which we must triumph over ourselves and external circumstances with well-managed timing, but regardless, we should never give up believing in the ultimate victory.

It has been a tough turn, until we had arrived here, to the opening The Gate of Gerecse. The tourist visitor center built by Turul Monument of Kő -Hill has been a long-awaited wish to come to true of the forest lovers, thanks to the support of the government and the European Union.

The Gate of Gerecse is an establishment, which will accommodate a 500 square meters restaurant, restrooms, gift shop, exhibitions, lecture halls, equipment rental service, as well as an information centre to the hikers, whom will be able to admire our beautiful forest sights on three new interactive educational hiking nature trails. We are looking forward to welcome hikers and their favorite pets, rock climbers, cyclists, groups of friends, school groups, retirement clubs, families and romantic couples. The Gate of Gerecse is open to everyone appreciating nature and its gifts.

I urge you to browse through the information on our website, then get on the road, and come to Tatabánya, see our beautiful city, go up to the Kő-Hill, and let the Gerecse mesmerize you, too.

We are being close. Open up our door!

Csaba Schmidt
Mayor of Tatabanya